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my wishlist

Yes, I know Christmas was yesterday, but I only had and still have one wish that I don't expeect anyone on here to be able to grant.

1. The $157 to get my cable cut back on, before my husband drives me crazy about me letting it get disconnected. The thing is I switched from Dish Network to Comcast Digital cable which ws cheaper, but right after started having vehicle problems and so the cable bill each month was the one that got overlooked to be able to get other things while having costly vehicle problems.

My Wishlist

My Wishlist:

1. Giftcards(Amazon,Borders Store,Biblio,Animediscountdvd,sundevildvd,Target,Barns and Noble)
2. Cds(Britney Spears: Oops I did it again,avril lavigne,christina aguilera,savage garden and blink182)
3. Dvds(Smallville,Big Wolf on Campus,Cinderella,Snow White,Toy Story,The Batman,Charmed,Harry Potter,Disney,Jackie Chan Adventures,Kim Possible,Sweet Valley High,anime,cartoons,any dvds)
4. anything anime/manga(books,cards,posters,stickers,comics,magazines,plushies,anything)
5. Things/candies from other countries like Japan,Taiwan,anywhere
6. Books(Sabrina the Teenage Witch,The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants,Royal Princess Diaries,Daughters of The Moon,How to learn to draw manga,The Baby-Sitters Club,Sweet Valley Twins/High/University/Thrillers,Nightmare Hall,Charmed,thrillers,scary,Books by R.L.Stine,christopher pike,Caroline B. Cooney,and any books)
7. Comics (Batman,Nightwing,Superman,Superman/Batman,Justice League Unlimited,Teen Titans,Outsiders,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Sabrina the teenage witch and any comics)
8. Anything Harry Potter or Smallville Related
9. Scrunchies(of any kind,rainbow,colors,holidays)
10. Request fics and fanart/comics/Doujinshis(Batman,Justice League,Harry Potter,Smallville,Danny Phantom,Jackie Chan Adventures,Sweet Valley High,D.N.Angel,Fake,Peter Pan,Pokemon,X-men,Sabrina the Teenage Witch,Prince Of Tennis,cartoons,Yami No Matsuei,and any anime/manga,and any fic/art requests people write and draw these requests)

My Amazon Wishlist: www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/3PH8VN3ONNE1E/

My email is hockeychik028@hotmail.com
Apologies in advance for being so long-winded. It's a curse.

What I wish for, most sincerely, is to have the means to fulfill each and every wish I've heard my friends and family utter over the past year, along with all of the ones logged in this community.

I was going to make a list of things that I don't need/use to see if anyone else here has use for them, but I realized I don't have much of that either since I went on a spree and donated all of the detritus already earlier this year. I don't even really have connections to offer, if you're looking for a job or whatever. I suppose I'm fairly useless overall, but what I do have is time and compassion. Well, not really much of the former, but I can make it if there's anyone who just needs to talk about something, wants a new friend for Christmas, etc.

I've also gotten all into making podfic lately, so if anyone wants one of their stories recorded and turned into an mp3, I can do that too.

Oh yeah, and I am pretty badass with MSPaint, if you'd like something silly done in there.

Anyway, so I've been thinking, I ought to join in and make a list but...what do I want for Christmas? What do I really want? And I'm thinking, god, it would be nice to have a new/old record player or some LPs that are missing from my collection or blah, blah, blah, but then I realized, I'm not really interested in that sort of thing this year.

I'm reaching the apex of a sort of year-long existential crisis. At least, it feels like the apex, which has left me confused, frustrated, re-prioritizing and wailing and gnashing my teeth constantly, but moreover realizing that all of this can be boiled down into three things, just three, that I really want and need more than any material thing I could possibly be lusting after.

So, here are my wishes. I realize the majority of them can't really be granted by anyone but myself and the big karmic shift I sincerely hope is coming my way at some point in the near future, but maybe just putting them out into the universe will help facilitate some kind of action.

I wish I had, I wish I had the secret of good and the secret of bad...Collapse )

I'm so sorry if any of this comes off as sanctimonious or phony. I know it may seem that way to those who don't know me personally, but I assure you I'm coming to you with only earnestness and humility.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate, and that you have your wishes fulfilled and are able to fulfill for others. There's no better feeling than that.

In which case, also, I'm looking forward to digging through the backlogs of wishes here to see if I can contribute anything.

Peace, love, light.


My holiday wishes

So after browsing this community and fufilling some other lj-ers wishes, I thought I'd post my list. Feel free to comment here or at my journal.

1. Peace of mind.
2. A massage would be lovely.
3. Any fiction/romance/chick books you happen to have lying around that you have read and don't want any more.
4. Gift cards to restaraunts in Staten Island, NY.
5. Cooking lessons cause I can't cook worth a damn.
6. Posters, or framed pictures of any kind for the blank walls of my room, or heck, anything I can put on my walls.
7.  Crystals or gems of any size, particularly quartz crystal, tigers eye, moonstone, lapis lazuli, opal or blue chalcedony.
8. Anything Faery or butterfly related.
9. Anything Harry Potter related.
10. Mp3 or WMA files of anything you like/love/want to share. 

Extra: For you to grant someone else's wish.

Post a comment with your email and I'll send you my address, or just email me at KManglos@sunnydays.com
I don't have much in the way of wishes. I've learned quite quickly to not expect very much, as I've never had much money. But my financial situation is standing in the way of me fulfilling my wish, which is to become a paralegal, so I need help.

I'm in the hock credit card-wise. I have plans to take an online certification for paralegal studies, but I can't register for the class until my credit card is paid down/off. At this point, with all my bills and necessary expenses (such as glasses, contacts, and new tires for my car), I can barely survive off of what I'm getting from my full-time retail job; I need something better. I want to fulfill my dream, but my financial situation is preventing that.

My student loans are also starting to kick in this month (what a WONDERFUL month, Sallie Mae!) and things are getting tighter financially.

So my Christmas want this year is money. Five bucks, three bucks, fifty cents, whatever you feel you want to give/can afford to send to my PayPal. I'm planning on having a withdrawal check issued by them as soon as I hit a certain amount, and once it comes in, I'm going to cash it and pay it on my credit card, so I can be one step closer to my dream of going on to bigger and better things. That's all I want this year.

I'm planning on sending everybody who helps grant my wish a Christmas card and perhaps a little something as a way of saying thank you for helping me.

My email address for my PayPal is jessica.meigs@gmail.com or you can just click this button:

Thank you so much for helping me make my dream come true. :)

If you're insistent on getting me something actually materialistic, here is my BodyArtForms wishlist. I'm game for anything on it. (And if you put in coupon code "Xmas2007" you'll get 20% off!)


Hi everyone, I'm Catie (from Brazil).

//My wishes <3 :

1. I would love a Mini Dog From Victoria's Secret Pink {http://www.vspink.com}

2. Anything from Victoria's Secret (VS doesn't have a store here in BR :/ )
{http://www2.victoriassecret.com/category/?cgnbr=OSBAFZZZZZZ} {http://www2.victoriassecret.com/category/?cgnbr=OSPNKZZZZZZ}

3. Polaroids - Colorful random pictures of anything :]

4. Extra Userpics.

5. Sidekick 3 (Unlock) x]

6. Gift Cards (Online)

7. Fashion Magazines :D

8. Surprise me!

//e-mail me: awwxugar@rock.com ~I'll send you a postcard
So if you think I can help you, let me know :)

Thnks 'nd
Happy Holidays ♥ ♥

My Wishlist

Here's my wishlist.

1. Anything for my first cat, she's 4 years old, but still very kitten like (she loves basically everything)

2. Gift cards for anything, I love getting gift cards (faves: Jamba Juice, Borders, Target, Starbucks, Itunes, Amazon)

3. Eclipse- Stephanie Meyer (I have Twilight and New Moon already)

4. Anything homemade (I love baked goods, but anything that you make, hats, scarfs, jewerly would be awesome)

5. Anything related to any of my fandoms (icons/fics/videos, etc..., fandoms in my profile under interests))

6. These movies with Jennifer Aniston (Rock Star, Along Came Polly, Till There Was You and She's The One (I want to complete my Jen collection since I love her)

7. Any thing from my My Amazon.com Wish List

8. Hot Chocolate or any candies/sweets, sometimes it's cold and foggy where I am so nothing is better than hot chocolate for those cold days and I love candies/sweets and so do the kids I help tutor at an after-school program.

9. Harry Potter Knitted House Scarf (I've been wanting one forever, it can be Gryffindor or Slytherin)

10. Anything pink, has princess or angel on it, is a hit with me

E-mail me at brucasnaleyfan4ever@gmail.com for my address.


Spreading holiday cheer

Hello everyone :)
I'm happy to say, I can already grant some wishes. Oh and the wishes don't have to be new either :) they can be second hand :)

Here are my wishesCollapse )